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Special ?

Special ?

$ 199.99

The 2007/2015 Special ? Ultra Rare Token

  • Provides a different powerful effect each year


This “mystery” token must be redeemed during the training phase of the adventure with the Party Coach. Only at that time will the player discover its properties. Players are forewarned that not everything they find may be beneficial.

Previous benefits gained for turning in this token:
2007: You made a special combat slide. If you landed on 20, you received +2 Bracers of Defense.
2008: Your character gained +1 level for that adventure.
2009: Your character gained a costumed dryad follower for that adventure.
2010: All your weapons gained the “dragonslayer” property for that adventure.
2011: You used an extra-large combat slider during that adventure.
2012 Dungeon: If you correctly guessed the outcome of a special coin toss, you received a Mithral Coin of Fate. If you guessed incorrectly, you got nothing.
2012 Grind: Play for Team Evil. You played as an upgraded undead–and incurred the wrath of your party members!
2013 Dungeon: You flipped the Special token. If it landed label-up, you got your choice of any 2013 Ultra Rare token. If it landed label-down, you got a Mithral Coin of Fate.
2013 Grind: You gained the finger of death special ability. Once per Grind, you could automatically defeat any one non-boss monster.
2014 Who’s Your Con: Your character gained the monsterbane ability. If any weapon you slid landed a natural 20 (not 18 or 19 withkeen/smiting) and the highest damage number (including ties if the weapon had multiple highest numbers) was facing the damage dot, the monster was instantly defeated. This bypassed normal immunities to death magic.
2014 Dungeon: You were allowed to play one of the sub-classes associated with the Rod of Seven Parts.
2015 Dungeon: You slid on a special combat board. If you landed on a 19 or 20, you received a Ring of Heroism. Sliding an 18 or lower earned a random 2015 UR.
2016 Gen Con & Who’s Your Con: You became a half-celestial with the following benefits:
    • +5 to max HP
    • +3 to AC
    • +3 Sacred damage to all attacks–physical or magical.
    • Healing spells you cast (not scrolls, items, or spells “cast as a scroll”) heal +3 HP
    • +3 to turn undead damage (doubled if used with Greater Holy Symbol of Pelor)
2016 Grind: (Turned-in inside the dungeon) Two effects, each of which can be used once during the adventure:
    1. After a die is rolled, you may change the die roll result to whatever you wish.
    2. After a combat slider is slid, you may move the slider to any position and orientation you wish. (can be used after all pucks are slid)