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Eldritch Runestone

Eldritch Runestone

$ 30.00

The 2012 Eldritch Runestone Transmuted Token:

  • Provides a unique special effect each year

Usable by all classes.

Previous benefits granted for turning in this token:
Immunity to Dark-Stain. (Dark-Stained characters cannot be healed.)
2013 Dungeon: Effect varied by adventure:
   • Golembane: Character gained +3 retribution damage as Shock.
   • Lycans Afoot: Character became immune to Surprise and Disease.
2013 Grind: Character sprouted an extra arm, thus:
   • Character could equip an extra ring
   • Character got an extra hand and could an extra off-hand item
2014 Who’s Your Con Grind: Once during the Grind, you could allow the re-slide of a combat slider. This could have been used on your slide, or another party member’s.
2014 Flight of the Zephyr: Gain 100% immunity to Shock damage
2014 Into the Viper’s Pit: Gain 100% immunity to Poison damage
2015 Grind: Use any single token, ignoring normal class restrictions
2015 Dungeons: Gain the Dark Gnome sub-type: +1 STR & +2 CON